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    Battleground tooth

    Quickly look away if you are suffering from tooth ache at the moment. This image from an 18th-century Arabic manuscript shows you what’s going on. There are worms inside - and particularly nasty ones for that matter. What’s more, they are nibbling away at tiny bearded men, who are screaming for help and try to fight back. Battleground tooth: I feel sorry for the individual in ancient times who was given such a graphic explanation for the pain in his tooth.

    Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Arab d 256 (18th century). More here (click menu > more information).

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  3. Love this film. it’s my life story. so sexy

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    From the book Sündiges Berlin: Di zwanziger Jahre: Sex, Raush, Untergang, available here on Amazon. [Sinful Berlin. The Twenties: Sex, noise, doom.]

    It took more than one man to change my name to Shanghai Lily.”

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  6. Osh-Tisch: Princess of Two Spirits (1854-1929)



    This week we focus on Osh-Tisch, whose name translates to “Finds Them and Kills Them” in Crow. Osh-Tisch was a biologically male-sexed person who lived as a woman, and was one of the last Crow Nation baté (Two Spirit spiritual leaders) – oh, and you can be sure, she earned her name.

    She is also far from the only awesome lady in this story.

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    Black and white dance by Yilud on Flickr.

    this is absolutely amazinggg

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    Ana Locking Fall 2014

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    It’s been a while since I drew a merperson.

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  15. "At some point, being Black became profitable to anyone and everyone who wasn’t, in fact, Black."
    — Jack Qu’emi, The Appropriation of Black Culture through White Consumption of Hip Hop, 2014 (via afrometaphysics)

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