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    Anjelica Huston & Jack Nicholson, 1974

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    Nicole Byer’s audition levels of blackness including “middle friendly negro” + Pete Holmes’ facial reactions is pretty much on point.

    nicole is wonderful.

    It’s not a news flash that Nicole is so funny, but guys, Nicole is so funny.

    Nicole is a star.

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    Artist Name: Mokojumbie

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    1968 Coca Cola

    Groovy poses

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    The Witch Who Came from the Sea (1976)

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    Wax Trax! record shop in Chicago, 1987

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    Peoples Temple (of Jonestown Massacre notoriety) mentioned in Jet, July 1976

    yo, boy, strange bedfellows of the 70s

  9. happy autumn equinox

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  10. Gustave Le Bon on how long it takes for an idea to take hold and then grow stale

    But by that time, this idea was already growing old. The realities which had created it were changing rapidly. If I am not mistaken, it was Gustave Le Bon, the French psychologist, who asserted a hundred years ago that every new idea is already obsolete by the time it is adopted by the masses.

    The process works like this: somebody conceives the idea. It takes a generation for it to become accepted by the intellectuals. It takes another generation for the intellectuals to teach the masses. By the time it attains power, the circumstances that gave it birth have already changed, and a new idea is required.

    Reality changes much more quickly than the human mind.

  11. Remember them?

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  13. abdulndadi:

    Hey y’all! I wanted to share a “Flower Spirit” sequence from my film Orisha’s Journey. In African lore, it is believed that spirits dwell within all things and so all nature should be respected. Being of West African descent (Ghana) I grew up hearing tales of this sort which captured my imagination.(shout out to my boy Iker Maidagan on bkg colors!)

    I can’t wait to see this film “Orisha’s Journey”!

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    i leveled up, that’s why it’s glowing.

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  15. erikkwakkel:

    Battleground tooth

    Quickly look away if you are suffering from tooth ache at the moment. This image from an 18th-century Arabic manuscript shows you what’s going on. There are worms inside - and particularly nasty ones for that matter. What’s more, they are nibbling away at tiny bearded men, who are screaming for help and try to fight back. Battleground tooth: I feel sorry for the individual in ancient times who was given such a graphic explanation for the pain in his tooth.

    Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Arab d 256 (18th century). More here (click menu > more information).

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