1. larrymacdougallart:

    Garden Pixie.

    I love the work of Larry MacDougall

  2. awinans:


    "Reflections I - V"

    Some personal work, series-style! Featuring Cortis, a blobbish world-traveler.

    So I found out today that this series was selected for inclusion in this year’s 3x3 pro show annual! These were some breakthrough pieces for me (and thus sentimentally important), so I’m completely ecstatic. :)

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  3. hoodfuturism:


    black fashion, black swag


    everyday level next attire

  4. Ajuma @ Rick Owens Spring/Summer 2005

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  8. beeinherbonnet:

    A cosmic wedding suite inspired by colourful nebulas and astronomy diagrams.

    Watercolour and digital

    by illustrator Caitlin Russell

  9. beeinherbonnet:

    An editorial illustration inspired by this National Post article, a book review for The Science of Shakespeare: A New Look at the Playwright’s Universe, which proposes that the bard was a heliocentrist, and that Hamlet is an allegory for the Scientific Revolution, representing ”the true nature of the universe — the heliocentric model proposed by Copernicus.” 

  10. just taking the snakes out on a stroll. #urbansafari

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  11. onegirlfiftybraidings:

    Aminata, School exam work, Gaye Njorro School of Hairdressing and Beauty Cosmetology, the Gambia. Photo Valeria Herklotz.

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  14. strangehoneymoon:

    Jerry hall and bryan ferry

    personally, i always thought Mick was a step down for Jerry after Bryan

  15. oldloves:

    Robert De Niro & Toukie Smith, 1989