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    The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - Couché

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  3. "American mainstream is obsessed with black creative genius - be it music, walk, style - but at the same time puts a low priority on the black social misery which is the very context out of which that creativity flows."
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    …In case anybody was wondering. ☁

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    that’s me!

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    Lisa Hooper: Choughs in a Tree

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    oh i need that book

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  7. "That’s the problem with putting others first; you’ve taught them you come second."
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    Typical dirty mirror selfie. 

    So damn cute! Stop, I can’t take it!

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    #forbudtfashion #forbudt #alternative. #pinstripes #smoke #mystery #suit

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    Mars’ Olympus Mons, The Tallest Mountain in our Solar System, as Seen From Orbit.

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  14. "And I was rescued from this dilemma by remembering that, about six years earlier, black women in the Boston area had written essays to the effect that white women were oppressive to work with. I remember back to what it had been like to read those essays. My first response was to say, “I don’t see how they can say that about us—I think we’re nice!” And my second response was deeply racist, but this is where I was in 1980. I thought, I especially think we’re nice if we work with them."